In pursuit of richer collaborations

Compose is a team communication tool designed to solve problems faced when collaborating on challenging work.

Ideal for remote product teams, business managers and creative professionals, Compose is a platform for exchanging the most pertinent information regarding shared projects, group discussions and important business decisions.

It's a dedicated place to outline well-thought ideas, accessible anytime as a single source of truth, to help everyone remain on the same page.

The problem with the way teams communicate is rarely any support is given for deep thought. Workflow is interrupted by synchronous forms of communication systems, like text messages, real-time video calls and chat tools.

While it's nice to check in periodically, it's best to save the bulk of attention and energy on the work that needs to be completed in order to achieve meaningful goals and make progress together.

Whether drafting a proposal, debating ideas or progressing through any type of ideation, it's best to communicate major issues together.

This is why Compose exists.

It is designed to promote the exchange of well-thought ideas and create a work culture that is calm, thoughtful and optimized for productivity.

For those interested in improving team communication and productivity, try a 14-day free trial to see if Compose is a good fit.